Cardiac and diabetic Drugs

Life is so precious gift, don't let it get ruined by CVD (Cardio Vascular Disease) and Diabetes.

Heart disease occurs when the blood vessels of your heart are damaged or diseased. This leads to fatty deposit build ups called plaque which can block the blood vessels or lead to blood clots. Heart disease can cause many serious health problems such as heart attack, congestive heart failure or heart arrhythmia problems.

Diabetes is a long term condition that causes high blood glucose levels. The most common diabetes symptoms include intense thirst and hunger, frequent urination, weight gain or loss, cuts and bruises that do not heal, fatigue, numbness and tingling in hands and feet.


"The human body is a miraculous self- healing machine, but even this miracle shivers in front of cardiac and diabetic diseases."

Telomere length integrates a lot of factors together and gives you an overall picture of risk for what is now emerging as a lot of diseases tend to occur together, such as diabetes and heart disease have devastating effects on health.

Taking care of all the symptoms, we offer various combinations of drugs to treat cardiac and diabetic diseases. Our world class products are efficient and successful in treating these diseases in a very specific way with desired results.

The following chart gives you a quick look at many typical cardiac and diabetic medications.

17.7 Million people suffer from CVD
It is 31% of total deaths in world
It will increase by 45% by 2030

422 Million people suffer from
Diabetes mellitus.
Number is projected double by 2030

Source : World Health Organization - WHO